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Refund and Returns Policy

Customer return materials authorisation form.

Once submitted, this form will generate a support ticket through our ticketing system. You will receive this to the email address of the person completing this form.

Please note our NEW ADDRESS. Please attach the completed form to the device and return to:

IMPULSE Wireless
3/1B Kleins Road
Northmead NSW 2152

Terms & Conditions
By completing this form and shipping the hardware to Impulse Wireless, you agree to the following terms:

  1. Customers are responsible for:
    1. Removing any accessories from device(s). Impulse Wireless will not be held responsible for any accessories not returned.
    2. Customers accept that any device may require factory resetting, which may result in needing to be reconfigured.
  2. For time and material repairs, Impulse Wireless will provide a formal quotation valid for 30 days.
  3. Detailed quotations incur a fee of $60 ex. GST.
  4. Should you choose not to proceed with repair of the device(s), but wish for the unrepaired device(s) to be returned, you are responsible for postage and freight in addition to the quotation fee.
  5. Quotation and repair invoices are due on agreed terms or 14 days.
  6. In the absence of acceptance or communication from you within 60 days from date of quotation, we reserve the right to scrap your device(s), with no further claims accepted.

Transactions will be subject to our General Terms & Conditions & Information collected via this form will be used in accordance with our privacy policy found: 

Customer Return Materials Authorisation Form
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Customer Details

Customer Details

Please DO NOT send any accessories or SIM cards unless it forms part of the problem or is part of a managed service. Please complete a separate form for each device for repair.

(in case IMEI does not exist)

If so, please provide ticket number below.