Push to Talk (PTT) SaaS User Subscription

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Single-user service for Impulse Wireless IW Push-to-Talk PTT service Core & Security Features

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You can Connect your team instantly with Push to Talk (PTT)

Single-user Core & Security Features subscription for Impulse Wireless IW Push to Talk (PTT) SaaS. With a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied customers from industries including government and enterprises. Our expertise and offerings make us the best in the industry.

PTT Core Features 

  • Broadcast (talk group) Channels 
  • Ad-hoc Group Calls (Select members from map or list and call channels)
  • Private Groups (user-created groups)
  • Private one-to-one calls
  • Priority emergency broadcasts for duress etc
  • User and channel priority with transmit interrupt and pre-emption
  • Live Map Location Services for devices with screens
  • Group and User Presence indication
  • Secure text and multimedia Messaging – one-to-one and to an entire group
  • Complex call set-up automation
  • Support from our team of PTT experts


  • End-to-end encryption of voice, messages and control data 
  • Secure role-based access control in SaaS applications
  • No blocking, tampering or eavesdropping like two-way radio systems
  • IMPULSE Wireless is an Essential 8, Level 3 compliant business, based on external assessment 

Coverage, Clarity & Availability *

  • PTT over Cellular* (PTToC) uses cellular 4G networks to provide virtually unlimited coverage for your team and assets locally and globally
  • PTToC provides far superior voice clarity when compared to radio networks 
  • Carrier-grade cellular networks provide expansive national coverage, surpassing the limited range of analogue and digital radio networks
  • Cellular networks are built on extensive carrier-grade infrastructure and sites with overlapping coverage and extensive redundancy, not typically found in radio networks
  • Enterprise-grade private LTE and Wi-Fi networks can be used to support the PTT service in areas such as mines and remote sites.
  • Dual SIM devices can increase availability by offering network-level redundancy.
  • IMPULSE Wireless PTT services are provided by redundant AWS infrastructure in Australia
  • IMPULSE Wireless provides real-time availability reporting for our PTT service

*Cellular Service, Sold Separately 

Interoperability Options

  • Land Mobile Radio (LMR) networks such as Public Safety P25 Networks, TETRA, DMR and trunked networks
  • Satellite Services such as Starlink 
  • Private LTE and Wi-Fi networks 
  • Company phone system (IP-PBX)  

Other Service Add-ons and Options 

The following Solutions can be combined with PTT to deliver monitoring, process automation, integration and security for your remote workforce and assets.

  • CallBank Dispatch Management
  • Enhanced GPS Services
  • Lone Worker Application with Duress  
  • Remote Device Support and Management (RDMS)
  • Mission Critical Portable (MCP) Hybrid LTE/DMR Service
  • Radio Network Integration Services
  • BYO Device or Application 
  • 4G Services

Connect your team instantly with Push to Talk (PTT)

Connect you team instantly with Push to Talk (PTT) and explore the additional services that enable your team to use one device for communications, safety and workflow digitisation.

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