Powered Cradle Tab Active 2/3 with Hard wire Cables

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RAM® Powered Dock for Tab Active5,  3 & 2 with Hardwire Charger

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This powered cradle for the Samsung Tab Active5, Tab Active3 and 2 has been designed to meet the demands of field workers in a variety of applications including transportation, field sales, logistics, manufacturing, and much more. Power capabilities are provided to the device through pogo pins, and you can easily rotate the device for use in portrait or landscape mode. This cradle is also compatible with the RAM® Skin or factory device skin, as well as GDS® Hand-Stand and shoulder strap accessories. Access to the stylus remains while the device is docked. Included is a set of four nuts and bolts to connect the cradle to any RAM® components containing the universal AMPS hole pattern. Also included is the mUSB female pigtail, GDS® USB 2.0 cable, cable clamp with zip ties, and a vehicle hardwire charger.


(4) #8-32 x 5/8″ Machine Screws
(4) #8-32 Nylock Nuts
(1) GDS® Genuine USB 2.0 Straight Cable
(1) Optional Cable Clamp Housing
(2) Large Cable Ties
(5) Small Cable Ties
(1) Hardwire Charger


4-Hole AMPS: 1.181″ x 1.496″

This product will not support the “No Battery Mode” function of the Tab Active3.

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Weight 0.8 kg
Dimensions 16.2 × 24 × 6.53 cm