IMPULSE Wireless’s technologies overcome the limitations of digital and analogue radio while maintaining the advantages of instant two-way communications.

Anyone running a team knows the benefits of instant twoway group communications such as provided by a company two-way radio. Safe and fast voice communications across the entire operation increases productivity, situational awareness, and safety.

Fulton Hogan Egis O&M Pty Ltd, who operates one of Sydney’s busiest motorways, needed reliable two-way communications for managing motorway operations and incident response.

The problem:
Radios provide limited functionality, high cost of ownership, and need expensive infrastructure to provide wide area coverage – whether above ground or in tunnels.

The IMPULSE Wireless solution:
Push-to-talk, or PTT, is simply using smart devices and the mobile network to provide two-way communications; like a two-way radio.

IMPULSE Wireless supplied rugged and submersible smartphones pre-loaded with the IMPULSE Wireless PTT application. Paired with a Bluetooth remote speaker microphone, these provide instant secure, easy-to-use and reliable communications between vehicles, staff, and the control room.

The benefits: Improved communications, efficiency and safety.

Users are enjoying simple operation and great coverage. Remote support reduces downtime and diminishes maintenance costs normally associated with radios.

The system also provides live location services, where the control room has all active users displayed live on a map when communicating. The IMPULSE Wireless system is future-proof to allow  even more features; and provides easy, cost-effective expansion as the Fulton Hogan Egis operations grow; including coverage in tunnels.