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Tunnel Network Services incident response uses IMPULSE Wireless PTT

“The team at IMPULSE took the time to understand our business and tailor a solution that met our requirements, along with the flexibility to build in more functionality in the future. They delivered our comms solution on time and to budget. I’d recommend the IMPULSE team if you’re considering an alternative to two-way radio comms.”

  • Scott Wiseman, General Manager at Hunter Resources

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IMPULSE Wireless offers quality you can count on.

With years of experience providing complete PTT solutions, the IMPULSE Wireless team leads the PTT/PoC industry in Australia by many years. This gives the real benefits to your operation: a customised and more reliable solution which is easier to use; far reduced downtime; and faster response to rectify any questions, issues, changes or queries.

No other PTT/PTToC/POC provider has a proven track record anything like what IMPULSE Wireless has. Don't be a guinea pig: make sure you use an experienced PTT provider who knows what they are doing.


Our core communications software has been fine-tuned and continuously improved for more than ten years.

IMPULSE Wireless is a Telstra Partner. Our products and services may be delivered on your Telstra bill. We are also a member of the Australian Radio Communications Industry Association (ARCIA), who has awarded the 2020 Customer Service Award to Alex, our technical support champion; and Ben, our Technical Operations Manager, finalist for the 2020 Innovation Award.

Tailored solutions for your business' needs.

We offer you a fully comprehensive support service and complete flexibility for your devices.


We are able to customise a complete solution for you unique business and organisation. With the possibility of integrating other uses such as GPS and indoor tracking, job dispatch, safety monitoring and lone worker/man down protection, and other business applications, you can be assured to get the best, most cost effective communication suite available, enabling your mobile workforce.

We offer a complete package, including full service, installation and support, leaving you to simply benefit from better communications. We can also service and support your existing radios, and ensure a smooth transition to IMPULSE Wireless products.

We can provide all the hardware, accessories and service to make customised solutions to meet your specific needs., or even integrate with your existing hardware, reducing or even eliminating upfront costs.*

Try it yourself, with our FREE trial.

We are confident in the satisfaction and value that you will get from using IMPULSE Wireless devices. We offer a free, no obligation trial so you can experience the true quality and flexibility of our solutions for yourself, in your own operations.

If you have an existing radio network, we can seamlessly integrate our system temporarily or permanently so that you can experience the advantages of IMPULSE Wireless for yourself without any disruption.

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* Some customers use their Telstra tech fund to aquire hardware. Other options include $0 upfront lease plans.

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