The IMPULSE Wireless Mission-Critical Portable combines Push-to-talk and two-way radio to provide seamless redundancy and functionality

The IMPULSE Wireless Mission-Critical Portable (MCP) is a rugged 4G Android smart device with a VHF or UHF digital and analogue two-way radio built in.

Having the best of both worlds gives redundancy, dedicated coverage, and extra functionality; with no network required, or a system dedicated to suit your needs.

IMPULSE Wireless has developed exclusive software which combines PTT and radio to provide automatic redundancy and seamless crossover between the two technologies. Users simply press PTT and use their device as normal, and the MCP intelligently does the rest, using radio or PTT, depending on the best option based on many factors. Transmission and reception is in real time, just as you would expect.

The IMPULSE Wireless MCP is already in use and providing benefits:

- For users with 4G phone network blackspots; a mini-site or repeater provides radio coverage where the phone signal drops out. The site is connected back into the IMPULSE Wireless network, for seamless communications in all areas. Users don't have to worry about which mode to use as the MCP does all the hard work for them, they just press PTT and talk.

- For users who need ultimate redundancy; the MCP uses radio to communicate with other MCP users if the phone network fails or when they are out of network coverage.

- For users who have disparate radio networks or are gradually migrating to new technology; the MCP offers operation on analogue and digital radio, as well as PTT.

- For users who wish to combine devices; they can now have a smart device and radio all in one, instead of carrying multiple devices. Smart applications could include GPS and indoor tracking, lone worker and man-down safety monitoring and SOS or duress button, job dispatch, emails, multimedia messaging, camera, and more.

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The MCP is designed from the ground up for mission-critical communications and features a large PTT button, prominent SOS button, loud and clear audio, rapid two-hour drop-in charger for its high-capacity all-day (12hr+) battery, and an optional rugged remote speaker microphone.


Frequency coverage (VHF/UHF): 136-174MHZ or 350-520MHz

Frequency coverage (4G/LTE): All required Australian Telco bands (including Band28/700MHz)

TX power (VHF/UHF): 4W

Audio output (front-facing speaker): 2W

Ruggedness: IP67 (submersible), MIL STD 810 C,D,E,F,G (shock and vibration)

Operating System: Android

Main Screen: 4.0” 800x480 Capacitive Touch screen, Glove Compatible


Exclusive IMPULSE Wireless intelligent software for seamless automatic operation for redundancy and network/mode switching

Noise Suppression and Echo Cancellation providing unparalleled audio clarity and voice quality

GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi

Accelerometer, man-down/lone worker and duress safety systems

Android OS supports a wide range of business applications

Analogue, DMR Tier II and Tier III digital radio

All-day (12hr+) battery life

Charges from 0%-100% in less than two hours

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Tailored solutions for your business' needs.

We offer you a fully comprehensive support service and complete flexibility for your devices.


We are able to customise a complete solution for you unique business and organisation. With the possibility of integrating other uses such as GPS and indoor tracking, job dispatch, safety monitoring and lone worker/man down protection, and other business applications, you can be assured to get the best, most cost effective communication suite available, enabling your mobile workforce.

We offer a complete package, including full service, installation and support, leaving you to simply benefit from better communications. We can also service and support your existing radios, and ensure a smooth transition to IMPULSE Wireless solutions.

We can provide all the hardware, accessories and service for a customised solution to meet your specific needs, or integrate with your existing hardware, reducing or even eliminating upfront costs.*

* Some customers use their Telstra tech fund to aquire hardware for free. Other options include $0 upfront lease plans.

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