Multiple functions, maximum coverage.


One device, one data connection





Our PTT application runs on a smartphone with a Bluetooth or wired remote speaker microphone,

or a specialised PTT device.


The result is an easy-to-use "radio" with the unrivalled range and coverage of mobile phone networks.

Cost savings and productivity gains are achieved by leveraging existing or new hardware for multiple uses.


Capital Cost savings:

Leverage existing smart devices or use one new device for many functions.

Ongoing cost reduction: Use one device and one data connection for multiple functions such as two-way comms/PTT/PoC, messaging, GPS tracking, SOS/lone worker/man down/safety systems, phone calls, email, job dispatch, sign-on-glass, photo taking and record keeping, and any business application for your needs.



Push to talk (PTT/PoC) is simply two-way "radio" communications using the power and reach of 4G/3G mobile networks.

Running alongside a PTT application are all the other apps you use every day for your business. The PTT, GPS tracking and safety applications run seamlessly in the background without interrupting what you do.


IMPULSE Wireless has years of experience providing integrated PTT solutions to customers across Australia.

We have thousands of users who have integrated multiple uses into one device, giving great cost savings and productivity benefits.

IMPULSE Wireless is a Telstra Partner. We can provide products and services tailored to you, delivered and paid for on your Telstra bill.




Superior radio for instant, clear communications.

All push to talk "radios" feature communications coverage of 99%* of Australia’s population and key routes. No other turnkey two-way competitor even comes close to this kind of coverage and reach.
*When powered by Telstra Mobile in our push to talk (PTT) devices or a 4GX capable device.
Map indicative only
IMPULSE Wireless (Telstra) indcative coverage map
IMPULSE Wireless is a Telstra Partner

Meet a few of our customers.

Westconex incident responders uses IMPULSE Wireless communications



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