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  • Need a superior radio for instant, clear communications?
    Thanks to Telstra mobile, IMPULSE Wireless PTT services provide coverage of over 99% of Australia's population and key routes. No other two-way radio product even comes close to this kind of coverage and reach. IMPULSE Wireless is much more than just a radio. Add additional features, reduce total cost of ownership thanks to lower maintenance costs, reduce downtime thanks to remote support, and increase productivity.
  • Do you have an existing radio system but need to improve coverage or upgrade gradually?
    Our clients almost always see huge coverage improvements when moving from analogue or digital radio to IMPULSE Wireless PTT. It's easy to bridge existing radio communication systems to your IMPULSE Wireless push to talk network, reliably and securely. Connect easily through one of our bridges, or with full features using AIS to DMR or ISSI for P25. In this way, you can integrate PTT with with your P25, DMR, TETRA, analogue, digital, or any other radio network and extend coverage and flexibility. You can even connect staff to your radio network using their own phones for push to talk without the need for them to carry a radio. DMR and P25 features include group calls, private calls, emergency calls, GPS location and more. Please contact us for more information on IMPULSE Wireless PTT/PTToC/PoC integration to radio networks including DMR and P25.
  • Cost effective solution, right out of the box
    Fixed price service means no airtime charges or complicated costing systems. The complete push to talk package is ready to go immediately, saving you time and money. IMPULSE Wireless is a Telstra Partner. We can provide products and services tailored to you, which may be paid for on your Telstra bill.
  • Bring your own device (BYOD), Android or Apple iOS
    Make use of your existing Android or iOS smartphone, tablet, iPhone or iPad. IMPULSE Wireless push to talk integrates seamlessly with how you already use your device, to provide clear communications and eliminates the need for expensive radios with limited coverage.
  • Portable accessories
    We make your user experience easy and effective. If using your own Android or iOS phone, tablet or iPad, we recommend the Stone Mountain BluSkye remote speaker microphone. This accessory has a push-to-talk button, volume controls, and is easy to use, requiring pairing only on initial setup. Operation via other optional specialised Bluetooth accessories is also possible. All Stone Mountain accessories are custom designed and manufactured to ensure optimal effectiveness with our services. They are durable, IP68 submersible and easy to use. For more information, see
  • Full service offering to suit your needs
    We offer a full, comprehensive service with your IMPULSE Wireless products, which is catered to your business' needs, ensuring your complete confidence and peace of mind. This includes complete management over hosting, servicing, data connection, remote support, upgrades, accessories, customisation and warranties. We make things simple so you don't have to worry. In addition, we offer the flexibility to allow you to host the service on your own infrastructure if this suits your specific needs better. If you choose this option, we still offer a comprehensive service to support you.
  • Warranty and remote support
    Our industry-leading and award-winning support includes full remote support on all our custom devices, to ensure they are working as they should, kept up-to-date, and even enable assistance and training on-the-fly as required. We ensure your maximum satisfaction with your IMPULSE Wireless products, and offer warranties and system support to ensure the smooth running of your devices at all times. We offer a standard 12-month warranty on our custom devices, 24-month Samsung warranty on Samsung devices, and 36-month warranty on Stone Mountain remote speaker microphones. All warranty service is managed through IMPULSE Wireless. This means that it's hassle free and reliable. Obtaining our generous remote support is as easy as giving us a call, dropping an email, or raising a ticket in our support portal. We can remotely log-in to your device with your permission and provide on-the-spot technical help when you require it. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you.
  • Flexibility and additional features
    We are able to customise a complete solution for you unique business and organisation. By tailoring our flexible IMPULSE Wireless system to your needs, you can be assured to get the best, most cost effective communication package available. You can add users and extra channels or change setup whenever the need arises, rename users, reconfigure settings, and much more. It can be all done remotely and the devices update to the new settings in seconds. We also offer complete technical support and advice to ensure you get the most out of your IMPULSE Wireless devices. Additional tailored features are also available, depending on your needs and requirements. For example, we are able to offer safety functionality which can send alerts to a central system when a user becomes unresponsive. Devices can also be fitted with GPS tracking and maps, direct messaging and Voice over Internet (VoIP) accessibility, as well as business applications such as calendars, calculators and email. You can maximise productivity while reducing costs with our partner ecosystem, integrating these or your own business applications. We can even write and create applications which allow your IMPULSE Wireless products to perform specific functions should you require it. Our aim is to ensure maximum usability of your devices so you can take full advantage of our communications solution.


One-to-many calls, private calls, caller ID    


99% coverage across Australia’s population and key routes


Superior voice quality (telephone grade)    


Easily create and add custom requirements and keep up with changing technology


Seamlessly integrate with your existing radio system


Simple, fast, complete remote support for upgrades, changes or assistance    



Typical digital land mobile radio service

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